An overview of my various projects, speaking engagements, achievements and more — in chronological order.

2021/04🎈Stellaris: Nemesis DLC released
2020/10🎈Stellaris: Necroids species pack released
2020/03🎈Stellaris: Federations DLC released
2019/10🎈Stellaris: Lithoids species pack released
2019/09💼Joined Paradox Development Studio as a Content Designer on Stellaris
2019/05🎮Waybinder shown at Yonderplay/Nordic Game Conference
2019/04🎈Waybinder released for web browsers
2018/09📢Ritual Play: Witchcraft, Self-care and Queerness in Games @ Queerness and Games Conference
2018/07🎈Insane Robots released on Steam, Xbox One & PS4
2018/01🚆Began work on Metrowitch & Waybinder as Metrowitch Interactive
2017/12🚆Began design work on ‘Paca Farm with AC Kod & Konst
2017/06🍭Lyst Summit: BDSMSDB
2017/05📢Owning Our Place @ Creative Coast Festival
2017/04📢Know Your Worth: The Money Panel @ AMaze Berlin
💼Joined STING Game Hub
2017/03📢Indie Soapbox: Owning Your Place @ GDC
2017/02🍭Train Jam: Metro Mori
2017/01🍭Global Game Jam: Daliphantus
2016/12💼Kaludoscope AB founded
2016/11📢The Cosmos at Play @ SpaceUp Sweden
2016/10🎓Began a year of teaching on the Game Development programme (years 1&2) at Södertörns Högskola
 🎮Dragon Queens shown at GameCity Festival
 🎓The Whys and Hows of Inclusivity in Games @ Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan
2016/09🏅Insane Robots and Anomaly X shortlisted at TIGA Awards
2016/07📢Letting More People Play Your Game & moderator for Safety Instructions @ Castle Game Jam
2016/06🏅Anomaly X granted silver honours at Serious Play Awards
 🍭Lyst Summit: Click [app.]
 🎩Conférencière @ Lyst Summit
 🎓Enrolled in Framtidén programme at Gothia Science Park/Sweden Game Arena
2016/05🎩Juror @ Gotland GAME Conference
 📢The Past and Future of Video Games @ Gotland GAME
 📢The Art of Letting More People Play Your Game @ Nordic Game
2016/04🚆Began design work on Dragon Queens as Box Kaleidoscope (later Kaludoscope AB)
2016/03📢Ripple Effect: How Women-in-Games Initiatives Make a Difference @ GDC
2016/02🍭Splash Jam: Ardo
2016/01🍭Global Game Jam: Gemma Hat
2015/11🌈TjejHack Turné, a nationwide tour of game dev. workshops for girls and women
2015/10📢Diversi Podcast launched
 🍭King Game Jam (co-organiser): Planetary Caretaker [VR]
2015/08📢VideoBrains at Nine Worlds Geekfest: Green Hill Zones 1, 2 & 3
 📢Nine Worlds Geekfest: Video Games & LGBTQ+ RepresentationIntro to Interactive Fiction
2015/06🍭Lyst Summit: Noah’s Arks
2015/01🎈Antholojam: A Planet Wakes released for browsers
2014/11🚆Began design & writing work on Antholojam: A Planet Wakes
2014/10🎮Mimic shown at GameCity Festival
 🍭Ran LadyCADE showcase (+Guardian interview) at GameCity 8
 🌈Diversi launched; I joined the board
 🍭SETI-Jam (co-organiser): The Space Herring
2014/09🍭Dreamhackathon: Oddballs
 🌈TjejHack launched
2014/08📢72nd World Science Fiction Worldcon: From Indie to AAA;
LGBTQ GamingIndustry Friendly Games DevelopmentThe Politics of the Culture
 🍭72nd World Science Fiction Worldcon: Making Azad (mentor)
 📢Nine Worlds Geekfest: Failing FasterSex in Video Games
2014/06🎮Mimic shown at Radius Festival
 🍭Lyst Summit: Play-tex [app.]
2014/03📢IGC Conference for Game Developers: How to Survive Indie Life
2014/02🚆Began design work on Anomaly X with Playniac
 💡Contributor to Beyond ‘brain trust’
2014/01🍭Global Game Jam: Mimic
2013/11💼Left Playniac; began freelancing
2013/10🎮Insane Robot Battle shown at GameCity Festival
2013/08🍭Boob Jam
 📢Nine Worlds Geekfest: Games for Us: The Rise of LGBT and Feminist Gaming; Getting into the Industry
2013/06🌈LadyCADE founded
 🚆Began design work on Insane Robots (as Insane Robot Battle) with Playniac
2013/05🎈International Racing Squirrels released on iOS
2013/03🍭Cancer Research GameJam: GenePets
 🚆Began design work on educational games (Maths and English) with Playniac
2013/02🎮International Racing Squirrels featured at IndieCade East
2012/11🚆Began design work on an unreleased strategy game with Playniac
2012/10🍭XX Game Jam: Donkey Kog Country (prize-winner)
 🎮International Racing Squirrels shown at GameCity Festival
2012/07💼Joined Playniac as an intern; later Junior Designer
2012/06📢Nine Worlds Geekfest: Games for Us: The Rise of LGBT and Feminist Gaming; Getting into the Industry
2009/06🎓Graduated BA (hons) Computer Game Design from University of Huddersfield
2007/11🚆Co-founded The Independent State of Extropia (Second Life)
2005/06🎓Earned A-levels in ComputingGraphic Design and Media Studies from Queen Mary’s College, Basingstoke