“Waybinder” is an interactive novella: a work of occult fantasy which explores ritual witchcraft, the nature of journeys, and what it might mean to shape destinies both large and small.

  • Guide an entire city towards its inauguration, in a ritual of your discovery and making
  • Explore four main, interwoven branches — each a destiny waiting to be formed
  • Meet a diverse cast of characters, some of whom speak a language which is not necessarily your own
  • The adventure unfolds in continuous format, there to be read back as a short story if so desired
  • Features content written in gàidhlig (Scots Gaelic), complete with pronunciation guides for English-speakers

My contributions: narrative, scripting, web & graphic design.
Tools: Twine, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Visio
Platforms: web
Exhibited at: Nordic Game 2019

Arshean was once a cursed place; its inhabitants scattered to the four winds. Generations later, practitioners have returned to establish the imbued city of Baile Arainn. Within its protective walls, bond-architect Cormac Giphert strives to make his mark in the field, using ritual magic to shape the destiny of an entire city. But when disaster strikes at its very arteries, he may find himself having to heal and reform more than he bargained for.


Metrowitch is a cyber-noir adventure game, set during closing hours on a futuristic metro system. The player must intervene to prevent the demise of a troubled city, as pestilent crystals and looming shadow-demons force their way into our dimensional plane, attacking its magic-imbued arteries.

This 3D, point-and-click adventure game is being developed in Unity, thus far with all assets, design and coding by me. It’s accompanied by a prequel project – a work of interactive fiction entitled Waybinder.

My contributions: game & level design, 3D & 2D art & animation, narrative, programming.

Dev tools: Unity 3D (C#), Blender, Adobe Photoshop

Platforms: PC, Android

Metro Mori is a first-person narrative game about negotiating the afterlife, which turns out to be a multi-lingual metro system. Meet other wanderers on their own quests for understanding, happy endings or intervention, and see what conclusions might also await you.

Developed during Train Jam 2017 (theme: ‘unexpected anticipation’) with:

  • Ahmed Elgoni (programming),
  • Innes McKendrick (programming & technical art),
  • Isaac Karth (3D & technical art),
  • Giulia Yamazaki (2D art),
  • Izzy Gramp (art),
  • Elie Abraham (theme music) and
  • Bradford Dobbs (soundscapes).

My contributions: game concept (with Innes), narrative design & scripting, level design & transit map, accessibility oversight
Tools: Twine (& Yarn), Unity 3D, Google Sheets, Adobe Illustrator
Platforms: PC

Team “Metro Mori” at Train Jam 2017