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TjejHack Formally Founded in Stockholm

Yesterday saw the founding of an ambitious and practically-minded ideellförening (en: non-profit organisation) whose goal is nothing less than the promotion and accessible teaching of game development to girls and women.

TjejHack is a scheme founded by Inger Ekman, whose company – Spelverkstaden AB – brings games education and game jamming to schoolkids and teachers. TjejHack’s club meetings see Inger and a team of exclusively female volunteers passing their expertise on to other girls and women, in a safe and supportive environment.

TjejHack Debut

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SETI-Jam Stockholm

Last weekend I shifted position a little, turning from game jammer into jam co-organiser. Myself, Inger Ekman and Jon Back* arranged our local satellite of the global SETI-Jam – in which astronomers and game developers collaborated using real astronomical data. Our theme was simultaneously broad and fascinating, in that we had to address Frank Drake’s equation, for the likelihood of there being extra-terrestrial intelligence elsewhere in the universe.

Drake's Equation

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