Public Transport

I happen to be a public transport enthusiast. As well as admiring the sheer scale and architecture of networks which move millions of people around*, I also collect things: mostly ‘smart’ travelcards, and photographs of the stations I visit.

This page is where I collect various things related to… all of that.

* Something which taps into the same fascination I share for game design, no doubt.


A collection gathered from at least half a dozen countries, on two continents.

London Underground Roundels

The bold, design statement of every Tube station.

London Underground Labyrinths

A playful art project played out across England’s capital.

Stockholm Tunnelbana Plaques

Artist’s notes for the world’s longest exhibition gallery.

See Also

  • Waybinder: my interactive novella about withcraft and urban planning
  • Metro Mori: a game created during a long-distance train ride, about a railway network in the afterlife
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