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Q1 2019



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In a landscape once blighted by a selfish curse, now stands the burgeoning 'imbued city' of Baile Arainn. Within its walls, stifled bond-architect Cormac Giphert hopes to at last leave his mark — using ritual magic to shape the destiny of an entire city. But when disaster strikes at its very arteries, he may find himself having to heal and reform more than he bargained for. "Waybinder" is an interactive novella; a work of fantasy which explores ritual witchcraft, the nature of journeys, and what it means to try and shape destinies both large and small.


"Waybinder" results from its creator's passionate interests in witchcraft, urban spaces and languages. As with many works of fantasy, it sprang to life after work on the Metrowitch project necessitated a map, and thus a wider city setting. Its world has a history, and as part of an overall player's journey towards healing a fragmented environment, "Waybinder" is a space in which they can explore that fracturing at its beginning.


  • Journey with an entire city towards its inauguration, in a ritual of your own discovery and making
  • Meet a gender-diverse cast of characters, whose primary language is not necessarily your own
  • The adventure unfolds in continuous format, there to be read back as a short story if so desired
  • Features content written in gàidhlig (Scots Gaelic), complete with pronunciation guides
  • Explore four main interwoven branches; each a new destiny waiting to be formed


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About Metrowitch Interactive

Metrowitch Interactive is a solo 'indie' effort by Gemma Thomson — making inclusive, narrative-driven games with an urban-occult twist.

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Waybinder Credits

Gemma Thomson
Writer, Designer, Artist

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