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Metro Mori

Metro Mori is a first-person narrative game about negotiating the afterlife, which turns out to be a multi-lingual metro system. Meet other wanderers on their own quests for understanding, happy endings or intervention, and see what conclusions might also await you.

Developed during Train Jam 2017 (theme: ‘unexpected anticipation’) with:

  • Ahmed Elgoni (programming),
  • Innes McKendrick (programming & technical art),
  • Isaac Karth (3D & technical art),
  • Giulia Yamazaki (2D art),
  • Izzy Gramp (art),
  • Elie Abraham (theme music) and
  • Bradford Dobbs (soundscapes).

My contributions: game concept (with Innes), narrative design & scripting, level design & transit map, accessibility oversight
Tools: Twine (& Yarn), Unity 3D, Google Sheets, Adobe Illustrator
Platforms: PC

Team “Metro Mori” at Train Jam 2017

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