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Games & Related Projects

I’m a generalist game designer and narrative designer with over a decade’s experience working in myriad genres. I strive to make my work as inclusive as possible, and many of my stories seek to evoke a sense of place.

I’ve worked in-studio and remotely with clients to generate new concepts, develop games for an educational curriculum, and refine ideas which are already in development. I’ve also focused on inclusive design, delivering talks on the subject at events including GDC and Nordic Game.

I currently lead a team of content designers at Paradox Development Studio, working on their science-fiction grand strategy title, Stellaris.

Selected Work

As a Content Designer / Writer

  • Stellaris: Overlord (Paradox Development Studio)
    Enthusiastic tinkerers, the Salvager Enclave—plus assorted enigmatic Shroudwalker content.
  • Stellaris: Necroids (Paradox Development Studio)
    Death and ethereal-themed content, including the Necroid Advisor voiceover script.
  • Waybinder (sole creator)
    Long-form interactive fiction about rituals and place.
  • A Planet Wakes (game & level design, writing)
    Science fiction narrative driven by dialogue and base-building.

As a Game Designer

  • Stellaris: Nemesis (Paradox Development Studio)
    Bluff and counter-bluff Espionage Operations content.
  • Stellaris: Necroids (Paradox Development Studio)
    Sacrificial ‘Death Cult’ mechanics, and ‘Memorialist’ civics for gestalt consciousnesses and non-gestalts alike.
  • A Planet Wakes (game & level design, writing)
    Golden Age-inspired science fiction narrative driven by dialogue and base-building.
  • Mimic (game design)
    Party game about hunting and hiding in plain sight.

Full Ludography

Stellaris: Overlord (2022)

Content Design Lead & Feature Lead | Paradox Interactive

Alongside my work as discipline lead for the expansion team, species pack and live teams, I also acted as feature captain (a producer-adjacent role) for this expansion’s new Enclaves and Origins. I co-designed two of the new Enclaves—the enigmatic Shroudwalkers and affable Salvagers—implementing content for each, and introducing new lore and flavourful mechanics to the game.

Stellaris: Nemesis (2021)

Content Designer | Paradox Interactive

In particular I was attached to the Espionage feature team, working with the senior game designer and a programmer to develop Espionage Operations, and implement various espionage-themed events. This feature placed unique emphasis on misinformation and bluffing, often meaning events will bounce back-and forth between instigator, victim and bystander.

Stellaris: Necroids species pack (2020)

Content Designer & Feature Lead | Paradox Interactive

I was responsibile for ensuring smooth integration of written/scripted content and art assets. In particular I designed and developed the Death Cult and Memorialist civics, and worked with another content designer and programmer on the Necrophage origin. Additionally, I wrote (and helped to direct) the in-game advisor voiceover included in this theme pack.

Stellaris: Federations (2020)

Content Designer | Paradox Interactive

I joined the team towards the tail-end of development, working mostly on the design and script implementation of federation leadership challenges — namely Thesis Defense, and later iterations of the Golden Rule challenge.

Stellaris: Lithoids

Stellaris: Lithoids species pack (2019)

Content Designer | Paradox Interactive

I devised and implemented this species’ preset empire, the Keepers of Ave’Brenn, as well as two of its name lists.

Stellaris (2016)

Content Designer | Paradox Interactive

Given that I joined the project in 2019, most of the work I’ve committed to the ‘base game’ is limited in scope, but my efforts do include:

  • “Manifesti Destiny” event chain, in which a faction of political artists arises to upset internal politics
  • Federation joint operations — a new type of collaborative event offering scientific or economic opportunities to allied empires
  • “Kept Grounds” event chain, in which an ancient clutch of robots acts as custodian to whole planets, preserved as gardens

Waybinder (2019)

Solo Developer | Metrowitch Interactive

A bilingual work of interactive fiction in the urban fantasy genre, developed in Twine and released on Waybinder was featured in the Yonderplay showcase at Nordic Game 2019.

Dragon Queens

Dragon Queens (unreleased, 2017)

Designer | Kaludoscope

I worked with Delia Hamwood (programmer, co-founder) and Kate Holden (freelance 3D artist) to develop this prototype of a multiplayer resource management strategy game. Dragon Queens was developed in Unity for mobile devices, and was featured at GameCity Festival and the Big Indie Pitch at Develop:Brighton in 2017.

A Planet Wakes

A Planet Wakes (2015)

Game Designer | Wonder Games

Released as part of a compilation on the theme of golden age sci-fi. I was principal game designer and writer for the team, devising its three maps, scripting its buildings and writing dialogue. The game’s various assets were implemented in Unity.

Anomaly X

Anomaly X (2016)

Freelance Game Designer | Playniac

I worked early in this algebra-themed game’s development to devise game mechanics and a number of test level designs. It was granted a silver medal at the Serious Play Awards in 2016.


Mimic (unreleased, 2014)

Game Designer, 2D Artist | Team Mimic

Myself and programmer Daniel Nyberg developed this project as a full-fledged prototype for games festivals, based on a Global Game Jam project from earlier that year. I contributed overall game design and 2D art, from a style devised by Sofia Peinert & Tove Brantberg.

Insane Robots

Insane Robots (2018)

Junior Game Designer | Playniac

I co-designed a card-based prototype of this fast-paced combat game, which was then shown and playtested around various games festivals in the UK from 2013–14. I also designed the cards themselves, visual elements of which were incorporated into a rogue-lite, digital version released on Xbox One, PC, MacOS and PS4 in 2018.

International Racing Squirrels

International Racing Squirrels (2012–13)

Junior Game Designer | Playniac

I designed and balanced new content for the iOS release of this racing management game. This included shop items, new track layouts and a certain amount of 2D art work, as the game’s menus were updated with seasonal skins. The game was showcased at various festivals including GameCity and IndieCade in 2012, and IndieCade East in 2013.

Game Jam Projects

Other Projects

Extropia (2008-11)
Futuristic utopia within Second Life