Games & Related Projects

I’m a generalist game designer with over a decade’s experience in a variety of genres, on PC, browser- and handheld platforms. I’m particularly interested in experiences which evoke a sense of place.

I’ve worked in-studio and remotely with clients to generate new concepts, develop games for curriculum content, and refine ideas which are already in development. Since 2015 I’ve also focused on inclusive design, delivering talks on the subject at events including GDC and Nordic Game.

I currently work in-house at Paradox Development Studio on their science-fiction grand strategy title, Stellaris.

Selected Work

Stellaris: Federations
Insane Robots
  • Stellaris: Nemesis (content designer at Paradox Development Studio)
    Espionage Operations scripted content
  • Stellaris: Necroids (feature owner, content designer at Paradox Development Studio)
    ‘Death Cult’ & ‘Memorialist’ civics
    Necroid Advisor voiceover script
  • Stellaris: Federations (content designer at Paradox Development Studio)
    ‘Joint Operations’ event framework
    Kept Grounds/’Wenkwort’ event chain
  • Waybinder (creator)
    Long-form interactive fiction about rituals and place
  • ‘Paca Farm (design consultant to AC Kod & Konst)
    Crafting mechanics and UX for a stress-free setting
  • Metro Mori (narrative design, writing)
    Dialogue-driven encounters in a thoughtful afterlife
  • Ardo (game design)
    Experimental play based on a constructed language
  • A Planet Wakes (game & level design)
    Science fiction narrative driven by dialogue and base-building
  • Mimic (game design)
    Party game about hunting and hiding in plain sight
  • Insane Robots (junior game designer at Playniac)
    Card-based battles with modular robots

Other Titles

Game Jams

Other Projects

Dragon Queens
Dragon Queens (2016-17)
Unreleased prototype by Kaludoscope AB
Extropia (2008-11)
Futuristic utopia within Second Life
DarkConduit (2011-12)
Online strategy game prototype by Blue Demon Studio