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The Independent State of Extropia

A safe haven for digital people — persons wishing to explore their own sense of identity, free from so-called “real world” constraints.

The Independent State of Extropia was a virtual region of the Second Life grid, founded in 2007. A retro-futuristic haven for creativity and forum discussion, it played host to numerous artistic and science-themed events, author talks, aerobatic displays and a weekly book club.

Projected map of Extropia as of 2010, with expansion regions having been shaded.

Designed from its inception to be an immersive space for visitors and residents alike, Extropia grew steadily from a single, mixed-use block (or ‘sim’) into a 6-sim region, comprising a commercial district, low-orbit residential zones and an island base for vehicular recreation. Highlights included:

  • a soaring space elevator,
  • a submarine racetrack,
  • the floating and low-orbit neighbourhoods of Neovenice,
  • social games within Eris Fallon and Kate Amdahl’s Diversionarium,
  • and installations by artist Truthseeker Young.

Developed by the Extropian Board of Directors and the region’s citizens, from 2007 until around 2012.

Board of Directors:

  • Galatea Gynoid (chair)
  • Sophrosyne Stenvaag (PR)
  • Vidal Tripsa (architect)
  • Argent Bury
  • iAlja Writer [former]