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Trainer’s Journey

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I’m currently a few weeks into Pokémon X, some 12 years since I last played a game in the series. I earned five gym badges, have logged over 190 entries in my Pokédex, and have assembled a shaky team of mostly pretty, gothic-looking creatures with which to battle.


I also recently witnessed my Wartortle evolving into Blastoise – the versatile, cannon-shelled turtle who became my favourite Pokémon way back in Pokémon Red. I have a vivid memory of trading two shinies for the shiny Blastoise card at the school gates, back when Pokémon trading cards were all the rage. So, it’s fair to say I have a nostalgic attachment to this series.

What’s surprised me – after a decade and 500 new Pokémon have passed – is how little has changed. Often this is a good thing, but for such a monumental series as this, I’m not so sure.

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Wild Rumpus #4: On an Effing Boat

Last night it was my great pleasure to attend my first Wild Rumpus, and I found that Rev 3 Games’ quote is spot-on: “arcades are dead. We need more rumpuses.” What follows is a simple account of my experiences.

MS Stubnitz at Canary Wharf

MS Stubnitz at Canary Wharf

Wild Rumpus is many things: a chance to play top-notch indie games; an opportunity to drink, network and catch up with friends; and a nerd-friendly night out the likes of which I have not felt since getting membership to Islington’s goth club, Slimelight. To be honest, most of my reason for going was just to catch up with friends I’ve previously only seen at conferences and game jams. Twitter doesn’t afford us quite the same experience of cider-fueled entertainment!

For the social aspect alone, I recommend Wild Rumpus to anyone who might have been ‘umming and ahhing’ about attending last night’s event. That said, the games on show here were superb and while I didn’t get around to playing many, I loved what we did play.

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Side-By-Side: Timeline and +Me

In which I muse upon Facebook Timeline and the new Google+ profile layout. Which feels more homely, and what are they trying to say about me?