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GDC 2016 Personal Highlights

This year was the first time I’d been able to attend the Game Developers’ Conference in San Francisco. I went primarily to talk on the subject of women-in-games initiatives and how they make a difference. This panel session – in which I was joined by Zoë Quinn, Rebecca Cohen-Palacios, Sagan Yee and Stephanie Fisher – will be made available on GDC Vault in the coming weeks.

Photo credited to GDC / Trish Tunney

Delivering my micro-talk as part of the “Ripple Effect” panel. Photo credited to GDC / Trish Tunney

I also attended in order to seek inspiration and some new direction, and to meet people working outside of Europe. Although I skipped past many talks in favour of the sorts of activities I couldn’t simply catch up on online afterwards (a strategy I’d recommend strongly to future first-timers), I did nevertheless come away with new insights – some whimsical, and some practical.

What follows, then, is a collection of personal reflections on the talks I saw, along with my tips for recommended GDC Vault material.

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Test Kit

One of the most important lessons I had reinforced when working at Playniac was the value of a good paper testing kit. Any game designer… Read More »Test Kit

Global Game Jam 2014: Stockholm

I’d never attended a full, 48-hour game jam until this weekend. Nor indeed had I tried doing one in a foreign country! It took its toll, but I’m very glad to say I have completed my first Global Game Jam – and I’m rather proud of the game we made, too!

Our Global Game Jam 2014 entry, "Mimic", being playtested at Stockholm's Tekniska Museet.

Our Global Game Jam 2014 entry, “Mimic”, being playtested at Stockholm’s Tekniska Museet.

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