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Lyst Summit Write-up (part 1)

I’m certainly embarrassed by how long it’s taken me to get around to my Lyst write-up – things have been very busy in recent weeks – but in some many ways, it’s taken until now for me to actually process the glorious things which happened there. What follows is more of a travelogue than a simple game jam recap, split into two parts for your convenience.

Lyst Summit is a unique gathering on the subject of love, sexuality and romance in games, and its first event was held in early June aboard the MF William Jørgenson – a boat moored in København (Copenhagen), Danmark. I was honoured to be able to attend, so taking part in a fascinating series of talks, followed by a 48-hour game jam unlike any other. It was my first time visiting the Danish capital since a very brief change of trains last year, and I’m pleased to say it was as rich in friendship as it was in inspiration and creative output.

The "Love Boat" at Holmen

The “Love Boat” at Holmen

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Animex Game 2014

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Attending Animex Game in Middlesbrough seems like a decidedly odd thing to have done, no matter how I spin it. I flung myself into this 2-day conference – part of the wider Animex Festival at Teesside University – the day after flying back to Surrey. It was all rather an unknown for me, but what I encountered was a thoroughly friendly atmosphere, and a heap of inspiration to mull over as I begin writing, on the long train ride back towards London.

Animex 2014 Billboard

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Global Game Jam 2014: Stockholm

I’d never attended a full, 48-hour game jam until this weekend. Nor indeed had I tried doing one in a foreign country! It took its toll, but I’m very glad to say I have completed my first Global Game Jam – and I’m rather proud of the game we made, too!

Our Global Game Jam 2014 entry, "Mimic", being playtested at Stockholm's Tekniska Museet.

Our Global Game Jam 2014 entry, “Mimic”, being playtested at Stockholm’s Tekniska Museet.

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