On Flixter

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From one aggravation to another, the social web once again manages to irk me to distraction. Here’s a “dear Flixter”.

No sooner do I finally submit a rant about one social web product as another has me wanting to punch myself in the belly:

Dear Social Web,

     I am aware that, despite my prolific use of certain ‘sites, there are others which I have neglected. Please forgive me, but do not seek to punish me. Yes, my visit to Flixter today may have been the first for many months, and I’m willing to accept changes to its platform. When you introduce a Facebook-styled instant messaging (IM) bar though, I find it insulting when such a feature seeks to beat Firefox into submission to convince me to try it.

     I have Firefox set up to ask me about every cookie it sets. This isn’t mere paranoia – cookies like Doubleclick and Statcounter appear on AVG searches as files with access to my browsing habits, and I’m happy to create borders around my PC so that only what I say can come in will come in. is that too much to ask? No, apparently I have to accept more than one of your Meebo-affiliated cookies just to be allowed access to your ‘site. I have no friends registered at the ‘site, no desire at all to make use of your chat feature, or any likelihood of that changing. If I want to chat to friends, I’ll use Skype or email, not a feature in a ‘site I’d visit for a minute or two at most even if todays wasn’t merely a flyby to grab a profile URL.

Yours sincerely,

~ Sinnyo