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I have worked aspects of narrative design and world-building into many projects, not least my game jam- and ‘indie’ releases. I tend towards writing science fiction and urban fantasy, however I’m also a practised writer of instructional texts, essays and other non-fiction works – often outside of games, but also in complement to some of my spoken lectures.

For playable samples, see my ludography.

Non-Fiction Projects

Maps in Games has been curating diegetic wayfinding tools since 2012
  • Maps in Games
    An exploration of maps and wayfinding tools in video games
  • Diversi Podcast
    A 6-episode podcast addressing diversity and inclusivity, which I co-wrote and co-hosted from 2015-16
  • The Internet Crashed
    Essays and reviews on cyberpunk media and culture


I have occasionally written about online worlds and game design, games culture and events — principally on my own blog. I’ve also contributed to online publications including Indie Haven and New World Notes.

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