Hi, I’m Gemma — pronouns ‘she/her’. I’m a British-born resident of Sweden. Like so many of us who make games, I would describe myself as a blended assortment of geeky interests: science fiction, maps, photography and railways, to name just a few.

Leave nothing but journey histories, take nothing but pictures; speak softly and carry a big lightsaber.


I was educated in graphic design, modern foreign languages, computing and media studies before I joined a bachelor’s degree program in game design. From there I worked in conservation and archiving for a while before joining the games industry, designing for browsers and mobile.

I left the UK for Sweden in 2013, freelancing and devoting my spare time to various diversity efforts and game jams. In 2014 I co-founded a game development club for girls and women, and became a founding board member at Diversi — a collaborative network for promoting diversity.

My experiences to this point encouraged me to try co-founding a games studio, making inclusive and accessible games. I also took up lecturing in game design and production, before settling back into freelance work and the development of solo projects in the form of Metrowitch Interactive.

Shortly after the release of my first piece of interactive fiction, I re-joined studio life for the first time in 7 years. I now write and design for a game played by over a million people.

Encryption (PGP)

0501 75CC 5304 C080 884B 5CCA 57A2 E8B5 35EA C360

(64 bit): 57A2 E8B5 35EA C360

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