Hi, I'm Gemma (soft 'g', as in 'giraffe') — pronouns 'she/her'. I'm a British-born resident of Sweden.

As with most people who make games, I am a blended assortment of geekery: photographer, witch, railway enthusiast, goth, lightsaber combat athlete, language nerd. To paraphrase my partner:

Leave nothing but journey histories, take nothing but pictures; speak softly and carry a big lightsaber.

Most of what I am and what excites me is encapsulated within this website, but perhaps this page will serve any more direct curiosity.

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Stockholm, Sweden, UTC+2


I was educated in graphic design, modern foreign languages, computing and media studies before I joined a bachelor's degree program in game design. From there I did some work in conservation and archiving before getting my foot in the door of games industry, working on mobile- and educational games (more of that in my ludography).

I left England for Sweden in 2013, taking on freelance work and devoting the rest of my time and energy to various diversity efforts, and occasional game jams. In 2014 I co-founded a local game development club for girls and women, and became a founding board member at Diversi — a collaborative network predominantly for the Nordic region. I was later elected chair of the organisation, and helped oversee projects like its conference scholarships and a podcast series.

In more recent years I co-founded a startup studio making inclusive and accessible games, though investors were not as forthcoming as we'd hoped. I did, however, also spend some time teaching game design and production at a university in Stockholm before settling back into freelance work. I have since also begun work on my first solo project in the form of Metrowitch, with a release due in early 2019.