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Hi! I’m Gemma.

I’m a British-Swede who makes games, all the while trying to encourage the medium and industry to be a bit more inclusive.

I devote my free time to cycling, maps, photography and enthusing about railways.


I was educated in graphic design, modern foreign languages, computing and media studies before I completed a bachelor’s degree program in game design. I then worked in conservation and historical archiving for a while before joining the games industry, working on games for browsers and mobile platforms.

I left the UK for Sweden in 2013, freelancing and devoting my spare time to various diversity efforts and game jams. In 2014 I co-founded a game development club for girls and women, and became a founding board member at Diversi — a collaborative network for promoting diversity.

In 2016 I co-founded a games studio whose intent was to make inclusive and accessible games. I also lectured in game design and production before returning to freelance and solo work, as Metrowitch Interactive.

Shortly after release my first piece of interactive fiction, I joined Paradox Interactive — a medium-sized studio in Stockholm. I now lead a team of content designers working on a science fiction strategy game which is played by over a million people.