Hi, I'm Gemma (soft 'g', as in 'giraffe') — pronouns 'she/her'. I'm a British-born resident of Sweden.

As with most people who make games, I am a blended assortment of geekery. To paraphrase my partner:

Leave nothing but journey histories, take nothing but pictures; speak softly and carry a big lightsaber.

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Stockholm, Sweden, UTC+2


British born and raised, I was educated in graphic design, modern foreign languages, computing and media studies at college before I joined a bachelor's degree program in game design. From there I did some work in conservation and archiving before getting my foot in the door of games industry, working on mobile- and educational games (more of that in my ludography).

I left England for Sweden in 2013, taking on freelance work and devoting my spare time and energy to various diversity efforts, co-hosting a couple of podcasts, and participating in game jams. In 2014 I co-founded a local game development club for girls and women (TjejHack), and became a founding board member at Diversi — a collaborative network predominantly for the Nordic region. I later became chair of the organisation, and helped oversee projects like its conference scholarships, and a radio-style podcast series.

In more recent years, I co-founded a startup studio making inclusive and accessible games. I also began lecturing in game design and production at a university near Stockholm, before settling back into freelance work. At present my work is split between that and my first solo projects, in the form of Metrowitch Interactive. The first game is due for release in early 2019.