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An overview of my various projects, speaking engagements, achievements and more — in chronological order.

2021/09🚢Stellaris “Lem” patch released Content design co-lead
2021/04🚢Stellaris: Nemesis DLC releasedContent designer (Espionage feature & tutorial)
2021/02💼Promoted to Content Design Lead on Stellaris
2020/10🚢Stellaris: Necroids Species Pack releasedFeature lead, content designer, voiceover script writer
2020/03🚢Stellaris: Federations DLC released
2019/10🚢Stellaris: Lithoids Species Pack released Content designer (name lists)
2019/09💼Joined Paradox Development Studio as a Content Designer on Stellaris
2019/05Waybinder shown at Yonderplay/Nordic Game ConferenceShowcase participant
2019/04🚢Waybinder released for web browsersSole creator
2018/09🎤Ritual Play: Witchcraft, Self-care and Queerness in Games at The Queerness and Games ConferencePart of a panel session on feelings and touch, with Arianna Gass & Robert Yang
2018/07🚢Insane Robots released on Steam, Xbox One & PS4(2013) Junior designer
2018/01📛Began work on Metrowitch & Waybinder as ‘Metrowitch Interactive’Solo ‘indie’ endeavour
2017/12🚧Design work on ‘Paca Farm with AC Kod & KonstContract game designer
2017/06🍭Lyst Summit, co-creating BDSMSDBBDSM-themed social, digital card game with Typhaine “Tyu” Uro, Simon Stålhandske & Cukia “Sugar” Kimani
2017/05🎤Owning Our Place @ Creative Coast FestivalExtended version of my GDC talk on more self-respecting indie aspirations
2017/04🎤Know Your Worth: The Money Panel @ AMaze BerlinPanel discussion on paid labour at games events, moderated by Sabine Herrer with Bram Michielsen, Astrid Mie Refstrup, Shailesh Prabhu & Kelly Wallick
2017/03🎤Indie Soapbox: Owning Your Place @ GDCIndie Soapbox talk encouraging more self-respect as ‘indies’
2017/02🍭Train Jam, co-creating Metro MoriDialogue-driven game about navigating an afterlife with Innes McKendrick, Ahmed Elgoni, Isaac Karth, Giulia Yamazaki, Izzy Gramp, Elie Abraham & Bradford Dobbs
2017/01🍭Global Game Jam: DalíphantusPsychedelic action game inspired by Salvador Dalí
2016/12💼Kaludoscope AB foundedCo-founder & CEO
2016/11🎤The Cosmos at Play @ SpaceUp SwedenUnconference talk about how space is depicted and explored in games
2016/10🎓Lecturing on the Game Development programme (years 1&2) at Södertörns HögskolaVisiting lecturer in game development & production, plus project seminar supervisor for the year
Dragon Queens shown at GameCity FestivalShowcase participant
🎓The Whys and Hows of Inclusivity in Games @ Kungliga Tekniska HögskolanGuest lecture on inclusive design for games, adapted from “Letting More People Play Your Game”
2016/09🏅Insane Robots and Anomaly X shortlisted at TIGA AwardsGames I’d worked on as junior designer and freelance game/level designer respectfully
2016/07🎤Letting More People Play Your Game & moderator for Safety Instructions @ Castle Game JamRepeat of my talk from Nordic Game on inclusive design, plus a panel on sensitive content with Kristín Guðmonsdóttir, Henrike Lode & Raxter
2016/06🥈Anomaly X granted silver honours at Serious Play AwardsOn which I’d worked as a freelance game/level designer
🍭Lyst Summit, co-creating ClickA playful app. for getting to know someone new with Henrike Lode, Brie Code & Aleissia Leidacker
🎩Conférencière @ Lyst SummitHost for the day’s summit talks, along with opening and closing remarks.
2016/05🎩Juror @ Gotland GAME ConferenceJudging the university’s student projects
🎤The Past and Future of Video Games @ Gotland GAMEPanel discussion on games and the industry, moderated by Per Strömbäck with Richard Lemarchand, Patrik Hansson & Stefan Ljungqvist
🎤The Art of Letting More People Play Your Game @ Nordic GamePrimer on inclusive design for games
2016/03🎤Ripple Effect: How Women-in-Games Initiatives Make a Difference @ GDCPanel talk alongside alumni from the Ripple Effect program in Canada, moderated by Stephanie Fisher with Sagan Yee and Zoë Quinn
2016/02🍭Splash Jam, co-creating ArdoController-driven game about learning a village’s language with Rikke “Mulm” Jansen, Skully Brookes, Bendik Høydahl & Almut “Mutsch” Schwache
2016/01🍭Global Game Jam: Gemma HatWearable puzzle game using a GEMMA computer — with Inger Ekman & Amandine Coget
2015/11🌈TjejHack Turné, a nationwide tour of game dev. workshops for girls and womenWorkshop assistant at Skövde, Falun & Visby
2015/10🎙Diversi Podcast launchedPodcast series on diversity in games, co-produced with Samson Wiklund & Siri Hallberg Björklund (née Söderström)
🍭King Game Jam (co-organiser), co-creating Planetary CaretakerVR arcade experience about running the interior of a planet — with Daniel Kihlgren-Kallander & Cornelia Leichtfried
2015/08🎤VideoBrains at Nine Worlds Geekfest: Green Hill Zones 1, 2 & 3Short talk on depictions of maps in games, and why I like them
🎤Nine Worlds Geekfest: Video Games & LGBTQ+ RepresentationIntro to Interactive FictionPanel discussions for fan audiences: “LGBTQ+ Representation” was moderated by Laura Kate Dale with with Katherine Cross & Maki Yamazaki; “Intro to IF” was moderated by Tim Skew with V Buckenham, Maki Yamazaki & Mary Hamilton
2015/06🍭Lyst Summit, co-creating Noah’s ArksCompetitive, single-screen arcade game for mobile devices with Raimund Schumacher & “Joon”
2014/11🚢Antholojam, co-creating & releasing A Planet WakesNarrative-driven, base-building strategy game about terraforming a haunted planet — with Delia Hamwood, Barry Hemans & Liz Edwards
2014/10Mimic shown at GameCity FestivalShowcase participant
🌈Diversi launchedCollaborative network for promoting and supporting diversity in games, across industry, education and games culture in Sweden
🍭SETI-Jam (co-organiser), co-creating The Space HerringCasual puzzle game incorporating data from NASA’s Kepler project in its level design — with Max Nilsson, Hannes Delbeke & Adrina Wennström
2014/09🍭DreamHackathon, co-creating OddballsChaotic, multiplayer action game about steering a bundle of cats — with Inger Ekman, Nevyn Bengtsson, Johan Frell & Joel Zakrisson
🌈TjejHack launchedGame development club for girls and women, in suburban Stockholm
2014/08🎤72nd World Science Fiction Convention: From Indie to AAA;
LGBTQ GamingIndustry Friendly Games DevelopmentThe Politics of the Culture
Assorted panels for fan audiences: “From Indie to AAA” moderated by Sylvia Wrigley with Colin Harvey & James Swallow; “LGBTQ Gaming” moderated by Meg Jayanth with Leo Adams, Michele Howe & Foz Meadows; “Industry Friendly Game Dev” with KT Davies, Adrian Hon, Meg Jayanth & Alice Taylor; “Culture” panel moderated by David Dingwall with Rachel Coleman, Ken MacLeod & Lalith Vipulananthan Lal
🍭72nd World Science Fiction Convention, co-creating Azad (mentor)A group effort over multiple days to create a playable version of “Azad” from Iain M. Banks’ “The Player of Games”, in which I acted as a jam mentor
🎤Nine Worlds Geekfest: Failing FasterSex in Video GamesPanel discussions for fan audiences, moderated by Tim Skew: “Failing Faster” with Dan Pearce & DC Turner; “Sex in Video Games” with Laura Buttrick, Cara Ellison, Jenni Goodchild & Meg Jayanth
2014/06Mimic shown at Radius FestivalShowcase participant & on-stream guest
🍭Lyst Summit, co-creating Play-texPlayful, fetish-themed toy app. — with Ida Marie Toft, Patrick Jarnfelt & Ene Esgaard
2014/03🎤IGC Conference for Game Developers: How to Survive Indie LifeDiscussion panel moderated by Keith Stuart, with Natalie Griffith, Nicola Heald, Paul Marrable & Johnny Marshall
2014/01🍭Global Game Jam, co-creating MimicParty game about masking on-screen behaviour — with Daniel Nyberg, Tove Brandberg, Oscar Romin & Sofia Peinert
2013/11🧭Moved to SwedenVärför? Ingen aning. Det låtade roligt!
2013/10Insane Robot Battle shown at GameCity FestivalShowcase participant (as part of Playniac, ltd.)
2013/08🍭Boob JamA failed game jam attempt which literally took down two routers — with Delia Hamwood
🎤Nine Worlds Geekfest: Games for Us: The Rise of LGBT and Feminist Gaming; Getting into the IndustryPanel discussions for fan audiences: “Games for Us” moderated by Laura Kate Dale with Cara Ellison, Peter Silk & Maki Yamazaki; “Getting into the Industry” with Laura Kate Dale
2013/06LadyCADE foundedIndustry social events (and eventually, showcases) for women who make and enjoy games
2013/05🚢International Racing Squirrels released on iOS Junior designer, 2D artist (seasonal content)
2013/03🍭Cancer Research GameJam, co-creating GenePetsSports RPG/platformer incorporating cancer scan data in its level design — with Innes McKendrick & Mitch Svastisinha
International Racing Squirrels featured at IndieCade East
2012/11💼Promoted to Junior Designer at Playniac
2012/10🍭XX Game Jam, co-creating Donkey Kog CountryFiendish mobile platformer described as “an artistic commentary on maso-core” — with Innes McKendrick & Holly Pickering
International Racing Squirrels shown at GameCity FestivalShowcase participant
2012/07💼Joined Playniac as an intern game designer
2009/06🎓Graduated BA (hons) Computer Game Design from University of HuddersfieldHaving completed a dissertation on learning through game tutorials, and a 2-player co-op coursework project for Xbox Live Arcade
2007/11🧩Co-founded The Independent State of Extropia (Second Life)Utopian community with games, retrofuturistic architecture, guest lectures and a sci-fi book club, visited by the authors
2005/06🎓Completed ‘A’ level education at Queen Mary’s College, Basingstoke ‘A’ level courses in Computing, Graphic Design & Media Studies; AS-level education also in German and Mathematics