VideoBrains at Nine Worlds 2015: “Zones 1, 2 & Green Hill”

The third annual Nine Worlds Geekfest has now passed, and as well as sitting on panels with esteemed and talented individuals like Katherine Cross, Maki Yamizaki, George Buckenham and Mary Hamilton, I was also invited to give a short talk as part of a VideoBrains evening at the event. As these talks were not recorded on video, I decided to re-record it myself post-facto, with slides.

Here, then, is my 7-minute talk on public transportation in games, entitled Zones 1, 2 & Green Hill:


Join Me at Nine Worlds Geekfest!

Nine Worlds GeekfestI’m honoured and excited to say I shall soon be speaking in public for the first time, at the Nine Worlds Geekfest in August! I have no idea how one is supposed to do a good job of announcing this sort of thing, so I’ll cut straight to the details.

Nine Worlds Geekfest is a new style of geek convention – I think of it as a combination of Redemption/Eastercon and MCM Expo types of events. It seems Nine Worlds will have a fairly large attendance compared to the sci-fi cons some may be used to, and its subject matter is much broader too. There are programmed events covering video games, but also Game of ThronesDoctor Who and Torchwood, knitting and geek academia, to name but a few. Nine Worlds also has a keen focus upon diversity and inclusion, so many tracks (including the video games one) will feature discussion about feminism, LGBT content and the representation of disabilities, both in the media we enjoy and the studios making it all.

I’ll be involved in two panels, both running on the Saturday as part of the video games and ‘queer’ fandom tracks. I have the information as it stands, and will try to keep this up to date, but it should go without saying that you’re better off checking Nine Worlds’ own programme for details.

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