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I am an experienced speaker and panellist, and have made guest appearances on a number of games-related podcasts. I have also worked as an adjunct lecturer, teaching game design and production techniques.

My speaking topics have included:

  • Practical tips on inclusive design, for a variety of games industry disciplines
  • Guidance on getting started in the games industry
  • Founding and maintaining communities related to game development

Events Summary

Gotland GAME Conference 2017
Castle Game Jam
‘Ripple Effect’ panel, GDC 2016

Video Playlist


I was co-host of the Diversi Podcast, which ran from 2015-16. In it, we discussed diversity issues and efforts in the games industry through panel discussions and guest interviews. I was also co-host of The Geek Night In – a free-form, conversational podcast addressing geek media.

My guest appearances on other podcasts include:

  • Not a Game #73 “Sophisticated People Smuggling Simulator”
  • Not a Game #46 “Social Media Rapscallion” (live at Radius Festival)
  • Indie Haven Podcast #51 “Gemma Thomson, Mimic”
  • Not a Game #40 “Hex Shagger”