I have over 5 years' experience as a solo speaker, panellist and podcast guest. Some of my topics have included:

• practical tips on inclusive design for a variety of games industry disciplines
• guidance on getting into the games industry
• founding and maintaining international communities

Events Summary

  • GDC
    • Indie Soapbox (2017)
    • Ripple Effect: How Women in Games Initiatives Make a Difference (2016)
  • Nordic Game Conference
    • The Art of Letting More People Play Your Game (2016)
  • AMaze Berlin
    • Panellist, Know Your Worth: The Money Panel (2017)
  • Queerness and Games Conference (QGcon)
    • Ritual Play: Witchcraft, Self-care and Queerness in Games (2018)
  • Creative Coast Festival
    • Owning Our Space (2017)
  • Lyst Summit
    • Conférencière (2016)

Other events have included Castle Game Jam (2016), Gotland GAME Conference (2016), King Game Jam (2015), Loncon 3: the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention (2014) and Nine Worlds Geekfest (2013-15).

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Podcasts & Video

I was co-host of the Diversi Podcast in 2015-16, discussing diversity issues and efforts in the games industry through panel discussions and guest interviews. I was also a co-host on The Geek Night In - a free-form, conversational podcast which addressed geek media.

Diversi PodcastThe Geek Night In

I've appeared as a guest on the following:

  • Not a Game Podcast #73 "Sophisticated People Smuggling Simulator"
  • Not a Game Podcast #46 "Social Media Rapscallion" (live at Radius Festival)
  • Indie Haven Podcast #51 "Gemma Thomson, Mimic"
  • Not a Game Podcast #40 "Hex Shagger"


You can find some of my video interviews and recorded panels in the bespoke playlist below. Use the playlist icon at the top left of the video player if you wish to skip around: