Metro Mori

Metro Mori is a first-person narrative game about negotiating the afterlife, which turns out to be a multi-lingual metro system. Meet other wanderers on their own quests for understanding, happy endings or intervention, and see what conclusions might also await you.

Developed during Train Jam 2017 (theme: 'unexpected anticipation') with Ahmed Elgoni (programming), Innes McKendrick (programming & technical art), Isaac Karth (3D & technical art), Giulia Yamazaki (2D art), Izzy Gramp (art), Elie Abraham (theme music) and Bradford Dobbs (soundscapes). The game was built in Unity and Twine, making use of Yarn by Alex Holowka.

My contributions: game concept (with Innes), narrative design & scripting, level design & transit map, accessibility oversight

Dev tools: Twine (& Yarn), Unity 3D, Google Sheets, Adobe Illustrator

Platforms: PC


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