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Ardo is an adventure game which explores anxiety and culture shock from moving to a foreign land. You play as the new arrival in a village where the residents dress differently to you, and speak an unfamiliar language made up of glyphs. You must take in the surroundings, be bold, and try to learn their ways whilst they might one day, in turn, come to learn yours.

We developed and presented a short proof-of-concept demo during Splash Jam in 2016. The team included myself, Skully Brookes (programming), Rikke Jansen (art), Bendik Høydahl (SFX & VFX) and Almut Schwache (music). The game is played using a Playstation 4 controller, whose icons form the basics of Ardo‘s 12-character language.

My contributions: game concept, language & scenario design, UI assets

Dev tools: Google Sheets, Adobe Photoshop

Platforms: PC, Mac (requires a game controller)


The above video demonstrates first an ‘ideal’ play, then one more in line with a typical player’s response. The first encounter teaches a typical greeting (“fuh-shuh”), and exchange of names. The next scene is a dialogue in which the player is expected to exchange pleasantries, then order bread (“pah-pah”).