Freelance/Independent Game Designer

I'm a generalist game designer with over 8 years' experience working in a variety of genres, predominantly on PC/browser and handheld platforms. The work I do tends to skew towards narrative design, and mechanics with a strategic angle.

Game Concepts
Level Design
Usability & Accessibility

I've worked in-studio and remotely with clients to: generate new concepts; develop games to fit curriculum content; and refine ideas already in development. Since 2015 I've also focused on inclusive design, delivering talks at events from game jams to the Nordic Game Conference.

Current Projects

I'm currently developing my own projects, exploring the combined potential of play and ritual under the name Metrowitch Interactive. Work began with an interactive novella released in 2019; a 3D adventure game is set to follow.

Game Jam Projects

The following link to either my blog write-up from each event, or a project page where available.

Other Projects

The Independent State of Extropia (2007-2010)

Situated in the online world of Second Life. I co-founded a mixed residential, commercial and events space called Extropia, serving as its 'chief architect' and graphic designer from founding in 2007, until 2010 — during which time I also ran a digital book club, hosting guest authors including Charlie Stross, Kim Stanley Robinson and David Brin.