Independent Game Designer

I'm a generalist game designer with over 9 years' experience working in a variety of genres, predominantly on PC/browser and handheld platforms. The work I do tends to skew towards narrative design, and mechanics with a strategic angle. I'm particularly interested in experiences which evoke a sense of place.

I've worked in-studio and remotely with clients to generate new concepts, develop games for curriculum content, and refine ideas which are already in development. Since 2015 I've also focused on inclusive design, delivering talks at events including GDC and Nordic Game.

I currently work in-house at Paradox Development Studio, as a content designer on their science-fiction strategy title, Stellaris.

Game Design
Level Design
Narrative & Writing
Usability & Accessibility

Game Design Highlights

  • Stellaris: Federations (Paradox Interactive)
    'Thesis Defense' challenge;
    Kept Grounds event chain
  • 'Paca Farm (AC Kod & Konst)
    Game design
  • A Planet Wakes
    Game & level design
  • Mimic
    Game design
  • Insane Robots (Playniac)
    Game design

Narrative Highlights

  • Stellaris: Federations (Paradox Interactive)
    Relic Rails archaeological site
  • Waybinder
    Long-form interactive fiction
  • Metro Mori
    Dialogue-driven encounters
  • Ardo
    Narrative design based on linguistics
  • A Planet Wakes
    Narrative design built around dialogue and mission briefs

Unreleased & Assorted Projects