Heterodachi Life

Nintendo’s ‘apology’ for not including same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life is both unsettling and disappointing to me.

For those who aren’t aware: Tomodachi Life is a social game for 3DS which involves Nintendo’s Mii avatars. It was announced relatively recently, but my understanding is that the game’s already seen release in Japan and will be coming to North America and Europe soon. Its brilliantly bizarre trailer paints a picture of personalisation, pets, concerts and other fun activities, with the Miis developing relationships with one another. However, those relationships are glaringly heteronormative, and when challenged on the point, Nintendo stated that same-sex relationships weren’t allowed.

Tomodachi Life

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The Geek Night In

In other news: I’m now a podcaster! Laura Kate Dale has put together a new, geek culture podcast named The Geek Night In, and she invited me along to be one of the five voices around our virtual fireplace.

The Geek Night In

The Geek Night In is an hour-long, weekly podcast in which Laura Kate, myself, Byron Atkinson Jones, Rebecca Tilley and Kate McAlpine talk about our geeky passions, and whatever we might have been indulging in that week.

The pilot episode was recorded last weekend, and went live on Tuesday; you can hear it here. Unfortunately it really was a technical nightmare, as quite apart from having everyday issues with the recorder, we also discovered that Laura Kate has the power to destroy podcasts with her (perfectly decent) singing. So, although the test episode was disrupted, we’re now in good stead to record the ongoing series!

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Genes in Space

Today, Cancer Research UK have launched the game which they and Guerilla Tea developed as a result of the #CRUKgame hackathon in March 2013.

Genes in Space

Play to Cure: Genes in Space (iStore & Google Play) is a shockingly addictive resource-gathering game, in which you play a pilot on the hunt for Element Alpha. This substance appears along a track in the form of clouds, which correspond with ticks on graphs of genetic data. It’s these graphs which Cancer Research UK need analysed, and so whenever a player plots a course across these graphs, or collects Element Alpha within the game, they are actively contributing to data analysis which furthers the fight against cancer.

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Stockholm Syndrome

As my refurbished website now boldly proclaims, I have left Britain’s shores for colder pastures in Stockholm. My partner and I became expatriates at the very end of November, meaning that with a gap around Christmas, I’ve been abroad for a month.

That month has afforded me many opportunities, from the mundane (tidy up my hard drive) to the ambitious (work out where my career can take me – literally). Ultimately my objective has been to take a 3-month sabbatical, helping us both to engage with a foreign culture and helping me to work out what the games scene is like in Stockholm – and where my career should go from here.

Suffice it to say, it’s all a world apart from the daily rhythm of commuting into London, to design games just outside the Silicon Roundabout.

CY Reid (above right) demonstrating 'Hug Marine' at London Indies

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