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LadyCADE: A New Social Event Debuting at GameCity 8

Tomorrow sees the launch of a brand new social event, designed specifically to be inclusive to women. We’ve called it LadyCADE, and I’m very excited given that our debut event takes place during GameCity 8 in Nottingham – itself already a fantastically inclusive festival.

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LadyCADE was first thought up by myself, Hazel McKendrick and Holly Pickering. We wanted to create an event which would be inclusive towards women like ourselves who are passionate about playing and making games, while gently distancing ourselves from the idea that all such events should push an agenda. Not that we don’t believe in such things – we worked together to win the world’s first all-female game jam, and are regular attendees at Women in Games Jobs events, which promote the recruitment of more women into the industry. Unfortunately these tend to be the only such events targeted at women, so to put it simply: we wanted a space in which to socialise, share experiences and maybe play each other’s games – just so that every now and then, we can take a moment to really enjoy what it is we do.

There is an argument, of course, that we could do this at any games event – and this is true, but women are always a minority. This isn’t a problem for some of us, but for those women who’d feel more comfortable amongst a more feminine crowd: we hope LadyCADE can provide a welcome change.

LadyCADE at GameCity 8

This first outing is the work of myself and Elsa Bartley. It’s intentionally being kept to quite an open plan, so that we might test the water and see what may or may not work for a regular meetup. We hope that LadyCADE could become a regular feature at a variety of games events, offering female attendees time to relax and get to know each other away from some of the more male-dominated socials. Only time and future interest will tell!

As for the actual event details, they’re included on our Eventbrite page and the GameCity festival schedule, but they bear repeating here. We’re meeting at 4pm on Saturday, the 26th of October 2013, at the Pit & Pendulum pub just off Old Market Square. The address is 17 Victoria Street, Nottingham NG1 2EW.

Tickets aren’t necessary to attend, but we appreciate being able to get an idea of numbers!

As I write this on the train, travelling to GameCity, I am brimming with excitement about how the event might go. Interest has already been reassuringly high, and it’s my hope that the women there who make and play games will have a great night of it. All this, and Holly is already mulling over the idea of a LadyCADE gathering at GDC in San Francisco next year..!

Stay tuned: