Beat the Post-Launch Blues with Rob Davis

The London Flash Platform User Group (LFPUG) has recently posted video recordings of two talks held at Ustwo’s offices in Shoreditch. These first of these talks, given on the 26th of August, was Gyypsy’s How to Be Pixel Perfect – a detailed and very useful study in optimising graphic design for mobile platforms.

Of a more ludic bent, however, was Rob Davis’ talk on post-launch strategy, and how to ensure that you keep momentum up once (you’d assume) all the hard work is done:

With a game launched it might be tempting to lie on a beach, but a lot of the work has just started. It’s time to seed it and promote it; tweet it and talk it; distribute it as far and wide as it can go; see what your players are doing and improve their experience; take it to new platforms; add new content; and weigh up options from in-game ads to publishing deals. We’ll talk about how we grew our users; designed for beneficial piracy; reversioned for iOS and Android; and added light-touch freemium mechanics.

Beat the Post-Launch Blues: Your Game is Out, What Now? is a thoroughly useful presentation for anyone in indie games development, and it’s one which Rob is due to make at GDC  in Köln this week, having already educated audiences at Develop Brighton and Edinburgh Interactive. Fortunate, then, that there’s a LFPUG version to be seen right here if you’re unable to attend.

I should probably offer a disclaimer that I was actually there on behalf of Playniac, having literally just started my work experience for this London-based indie studio; thus, it’s my boss giving the talk. Ordinarily I might keep quiet about that, but then I am actually featured about 3/4 of the way through..!