Hello! I'm Gemma.

I make games. I've been designing, writing and implementing them for over a decade, focusing where I can on accessibility and inclusivity.

My independent work has been featured at festivals across northern Europe, and I've spoken at events including GDC, Nordic Game, and QGcon.

I'm currently the senior Content Designer on Paradox Interactive's sci-fi strategy game, Stellaris.


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Stellaris Toxoids Overlord Aquatics Nemesis Necroids Federations Lithoids
Content Designer / Content Design Lead (2019–present) at Paradox Interactive
Engine Clausewitz
Waybinder The game in progress in a browser. The current chapter, 'Lending Aid', includes dialogue in Scottish Gaelic. An art deco image in the top right shows a figure reading from a book on a raised pedestal and pointing upwards. Official Selection, Yonderplay Showcase
Solo Developer (2019) as Metrowitch Interactive
Engine Twine
Dragon Queens Being played at GameCity Nottingham Screenshot of the prototype in progress, inviting the player to invest magic in a new strategic unit: either a Pawn or a Proxy.
Game Designer (2015–2016) at Kaludoscope
Engine Unity
A Planet Wakes Demonstration of placing one of the prototype's colourful, placeholder buildings in an isometric plane. Buildings are generating plentiful resources when a series of dialogue boxes appears, depicting characters in space helmets.
Game Designer (2014) with Wonder Games during Antholojam
Engine Unity
Anomaly X The game plays out across two dimensions, with mirrored rooms representing equations. Here, the player is being shown how to use their Vortex Jump. Silver Medal Winner, Serious Play Awards 2016
Freelance Game Designer (2014) with Playniac
Insane Robots A 4-player card game in progress, with cards representing power-ups and components of cartoon robots in battle. Console version of the game, with one cartoon robot facing off against another. Digital cards surround each opponent. A banner at the bottom of the screen announces this is the 'attacking' phase. Several robots occupy an ice-themed hexagonal grid, with a tally of surviving robots on the right-hand side. A robot has just suffered a disorienting effect near the centre of the screen. A bear robot has launched an attack on one decorated with leaves, inflicting a haze of disorienting purple pixels upon it. The player's hand of additional cards lines the bottom of the screen. Finalist, IndieCade 2018 Finalist, TIGA Games Industry Awards 2016
Junior Game Designer (2013) at Playniac
International Racing Squirrels Energy drinks in the in-game shop, decorated with springtime festive blooms. A race in progress on the Ice Climb course, with cyborg Nano Norah in the lead. We observe the race from a top-down view, and can help our squirrels along by tapping the outline of paw prints.
Junior Game Designer & UI Artist (2011–2012) at Playniac
Engine Flash