Hello! I am a...

A metro journey through the after-life, made during Train Jam 2017.

(Demo) Start a new life in strange lands, by learning a unique language.

Narrative-driven base-building; a tale of civil engineering in space.

Other Design

I've been designing websites for half my life, studied graphic design in college, and have cultivated a lifelong passion for maps. I practice these skills for fun, and have been responsible for branding and promotional materials on a variety of volunteer, hobby and games projects.

Speak & Do

As well as making games, I've been known to write and speak about them, especially through the lens of inclusive design. I'm also involved in a few initiatives which promote a more inclusive and diverse games culture, especially for women.

Outside of games I mostly occupy myself with photography (especially around transit systems), lightsaber combat, LEGO, and eclectic bouts of research. Right now I'm especially interested in Scots Gaelic language and culture, as well as the revival of witchcraft.